Excellent Investing

How to Build a Winning Portfolio

Excellent Investing is a practical guide for investors who are looking to elevate their investment performance to the next level.

Learn how to: invest where you have the edge, overcome your behavioural biases, avoid common investment mistakes, and build an optimal portfolio to generate higher and more consistent returns.

Available in Paperback or Kindle formats

Investor Praise for Excellent Investing

‘one of the most useful and practical books on investing I have ever read’

‘very interesting and relevant’

‘Absolutely superb book for any investor…lots of investing wisdom distilled down to some totally actionable insights’

‘it was a pleasure to read’

About the Author

Mark Simpson has been investing in individual stocks since 2003. Over the last decade Mark has generated a 19% compound annual return following a Value methodology vs a FTSE All-Share Total Return Index that has returned less than 8% over the same period. He has achieved this out-performance by developing a strategy that plays to his unique strengths and overcomes his weaknesses, in particular finding practical ways to overcome behavioural biases. His book Excellent Investing describes this approach and how investors of all types can generate higher and more consistent returns by developing their own strategy that plays to their strengths and overcomes their weaknesses.